Reggie Jewelry

Two colors ring

1,800 NIS

14K GOLD Handmade ring with two gold colors that symbolize the connection between the couple!

every ring is one of a kind! Costume made, We will be happy to adjust the design for you by appointment or by phone call!
We can make it thicker or thinner wider or narrower, we can play with the texture - up to you! Sterling silver __ ring

To facilitate and shorten the ordering process, there are 6 sizes available from each ring: XXS\ XS \S \ M \ L\ XL

XXS = EU Size 48 / USA Size 4,5

XS= EU Size 50 / USA Size 5,5

S = EU Size 52 / USA Size 6,5

M= EU Siza / USA Size 7,5

L = EU Size 58 / USA Size 8,5

XL= EU Size 60 / USA Size 9,5


All items are made to order and take 3-6 weeks to produce.

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