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REGGIE STUDIO is a hand made and high end lifestyle jewelry brand, created by Reut Galili in early 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

The brand REGGIE originated from the many characters of the in-house designer, Reut, being one of her nicknames.

Since launching, the brand has captured the Israeli market, and dominated the celebrity and fashion scene. REGGIE has since expanded internationally via ecommerce & overseas bricks & mortar stores. (As scene on MODA OPERANDI)

Nesting between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry, REGGIE is a dynamic and innovative brand. Unisex, bold & avant-garde taste, each REGGIE piece subtly embodies life’s dynamic sculptures. 

Thanks to REGGIE’s underlying values , the brand will never comprise design & quality, each piece is hand made with the upmost attention, at a petite scale. 

Reggie's designs lead with global trends. The jewelry is made of metals such as recycled silver, gold, freshwater pearls, natural stones and recently, due to demand, also diamonds.



"The imperfect is the perfect, the materials I work with are natural and come from the resources of the earth
The strong and radiant energy of the jewelry strengthens and empowers the person who wears it״.

Reut is a graduate of the HIT academy in Israel for industrial design and works with a wide variety of materials and scales of products.

"All my life I have been sculpting in ceramics, in my eyes jewelry is an architectural sculpture that sits on the body, I use every area of ​​the body as a play tray on which I sculpt. Always looking for new and exciting ways to create a new piece of jewelry. Nowadays I sculpt most items with disappearing wax."

Reggie does not work according to the pace of fast fashion, and releases one large collection a year or two / three small ones, with the aim of maintaining authenticity and bringing a new line in each collection.

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Our new studio opens in 2022 after years of working in a home studio.
Our studio is located in the center of Tel Aviv in the heart of a colorful pedestrian street near the Carmel Market.
Reggie's new house gives a glimpse behind the scenes - and the production processes. All the goldsmithing and assembly processes take place in the studio as well as the office and the showroom - all in one place! Arriving at the studio is by prior arrangement from Sunday to Tuesday. From Wednesday to Friday the studio is open to the public without the need for prior arrangement.
The studio is located in the courtyard of a special 100-year-old building in a magical corner that is not visible from the street - so use Google Maps when you arrive or contact us for any questions.
Waiting for you in the studio!



Raised in a home of wind & earth. "My father a musician, farmer & sculpture, my mother a graphic designer, I grew into a world of nature, wonder & creation” 

REGGIES unique fashion language stems from nature. Growing up in an agricultural town to a family of olive growers, Reut was always fascinated by natures elements. This influence has visually transformed into her jewelry collections. 


As well as expressing her expression of natures elements, Reut also dives into clean, symmetrical lines. The beauty in order fascinates Galili, as shown in her other collection. The simplifity of the gold and silver represents the beauty in simplicity.


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