Dear Valued Customer,

International shipment - 28$

FREE SHIPMENT - spend over 350$

How long will it take for my order to arrive ?

The shipment will arrive to your country by DHL express  within 5-21 business days .The package will reach you according to the postal times in your country and according to your country's customs and VAT policy .

What is your return and exchange policy ?

Exchange - If you wish to exchange the item you purchased , you can do it easily. All you need to do is send us back the item within 21 days from the day the package was delivered to you- to replace it and make sure that it was not used or damaged. In addition, the label that came with the item must be in its entirety .

Return - Refund can be made upon return of the product to us. We'll credit you for the amount minus 5% of the purchase value and refund it to you through the payment method you used. Make sure that the returned item has not been used and has not been damaged.

To receive a refund and note a credit to our website:

A refund will be processed within a maximum of 48 house from the day you received our shipment- Please contact us to out Email -

The refund will be reduced by 5% of the value of the purchased items , only to the credit card from which the order was made . It will be executed under the same conditions as the original transaction ( ie , a transaction in installments will be credited to a number of matching payments , and a transaction that is charged for a single payment will be credited a single fee ) . There is no need to contact the credit card company to cancel the deal - we will take care of it for you . If you have any questions or concerns , please contact us at Refund depends on the cost of the product over 50 NIS . * Items may be returned or replaced up to 21 days from the date of purchase . For items purchased / discount / sale or not at full price - it is not possible to receive a monetary credit but only credit for purchasing the site . 

You can choose to get a credit (GIFT CARD) to our website, the credit is valid for two years.

Any question or request about sizes ?

Customer Service will be happy to assist

+972 50-4541499

It is important for us to clarify these aspects to ensure transparency and avoid any surprises upon the arrival of your package.

When your item is shipped internationally, it may be subject to various fees and charges imposed by the destination country's customs authorities. These charges typically include taxes, customs duties, and any other applicable fees related to the importation of goods. Please note that these additional expenses are not included in the initial price of the item you ordered.

As the recipient, it is your responsibility to cover these expenses upon the item's arrival. If you decline to pay, the package will be returned, and you will be charged a $70 fee for return shipping, customs clearance, and additional expenses.

For a smooth delivery process, we recommend familiarizing yourself with your country's import regulations and potential charges.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.